New games that were released into cyberspace during a pandemic, competing with long established itself among the audience disciplines. In the near future is also expected to change in the Asian eSports market.

 The representative of the analytical agency Esports Charts Daria Belous in a comment about the eSports industry in a pandemic told readers about the growing interest in the industry and today’s needs of the audience.

 In particular, the expert comments, it became known that today is actively gaining popularity recently released games:

 “A striking example – the output of CoD: Warzone and VALORANT. After just a week or two after their launches were organized for major tournaments only published games. For example, Code Green Warzone tournament, Fight 2 Fund Warzone Tournament # 1 and 100 Thieves Invitational VALORANT, which immediately received a positive response from the audience. “

 The specialist said that these games successfully entered the eSports and quickly dragged the audience disciplines such as classic Call of Duty, PUBG and Overwatch.

 By the way, the developer transferred release Death Stranding on the PC.

 According to the expert, in the near future it is expected to release other games of Riot Games, which will also try to lure fans of any specific cyber genres. Also, as noted by Daria Belous, today many Asian discipline expanded to European and CIS regions and in this regard can be expected as a show Mobile Arena of Valor on cyber CIS stage when it is already popular in Asia (peak at World Cup in 2019 amounted to 764,000 viewers).

 Considering the audience demand for e-sports in a more general way, the expert believes that during the quarantine period the industry has reached a new level, showing the changes that will remain even after removal of isolation measures. The representative of the analytical agency does not exclude that part of the audience will leave with the beginning of the return of standard living conditions, but the overall picture and the demand for e-sports is not much affected, because the cancellation of the quarantine will return the LAN-tournaments and other offline game events that will also hold interest audience.

 We remind that the Belarusian kibersportsmeny will play under the national flag.

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